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With the new design of the Los Amigos website, we've added some advertising opportunities. Take advantage of them at these great low rates!

Website Sponsorships:
Size: 150 px x 196 px, 72 ppi
Price: $75
Duration: 12 months (January through December)
Design: FREE!

Member Photo Gallery:
Photo Size: 250 px x 250 px, 72 ppi
Text Length: 100 words maximum
Price: $10
Duration: Forever!

Stallion Directory:
Photo Sizes: 250 px x 250 px, 72 ppi, 5 photos maximum
Text Length: 500 words maximum
Pedigree: 3 generations
Offspring Display: 250 px x 250 px, 72 ppi, 3 maximum, name and dam only for text
Video: Unlimited. Must be posted on
Price: $75
Duration: 12 months (January through December)
Design: FREE!

Newsletter "Amigo"

Amigo, the official newsletter of Los Amigos, comes out 3-4 times per year. Not only is Amigo sent to all Los Amigos Members, it is also published online, giving a worldwide yet targeted audience of Peruvian Horse enthusiasts.

Take advantage of super special rates by purchasing 4 issues at a time!

Ad Size        Single Insertion            Four Insertions (pre-paid)
Full Page$20/each$60 SAVE 25%!
Half Page$12/each$36 SAVE 25%!
Business Card$7/each$21 SAVE 25%!

Classified ads are free for Los Amigos Members. Up to 50 words of text (must be horse related).

Please contact Amigo Editor, Debbie Pye for more information.

Los Amigos PPC,
Sep 10, 2014, 9:37 AM