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Los Amigos Members Working Hard!

posted May 7, 2014, 9:31 AM by Kelly Powers   [ updated May 7, 2014, 9:41 AM ]
Sat, 01 May 2010
Los Amigos Members Working Hard!

On April 16, our national organization, NAPHA, announced the results of the election for three new board members. Larry Redman, Danell Adams and Rich Ovenburg came out the top three contenders out of a field of nine candidates. Gene Pepe has been appointed to the open appointed spot and will serve as Treasurer. Needless to say, the whole process beginning with the petition to make this election even possible took many months to accomplish. However, the results are in and everyone is ready to go to work! All of the very qualified candidates are to be congratulated and thanked for their willingness to run for the board. It was a good election and clearly demonstrated that there is a great deal of enthusiasm for our organization despite some recent difficult times.

The new NAPHA Board has a great deal to accomplish, but they are anxious to get going and to put NAPHA on a progressive track. Many new committees will be established with a corp of volunteers whom also wish to step in and contribute their time and expertise to our breed. The legacy of the Peruvian Horse is so important to all who worked hard before us and to the future generations that will carry this elegant horse forward. For now, it is incumbent upon all of us to help work through some of the issues at hand and to present solutions that will serve our membership and our horses.

Los Amigos members are hard at work on the national level! Members Danell Adams, Larry Redman and Barbara Windom serve on the NAPHA Board of Directors. Also serving NAPH on the Regional Advisory  Council are Joline Bell Hahn (RAC Chairperson), Joy Redman, Charlotte Dicke Becerra, Jim Alexander, Juan Sandigo and Carolyn Mittrick. Wow! If you would like to serve on one of the new upcoming committees, please contact Joline and she’d be happy to get you on the nominations list.

The Peruvian Horse is incredibly unique in the equine world. With everyone working together, we can develop a solid foundation for NAPHA to continue to promote these horses in the manner they truly deserve!