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Calling All Southern California Parade Riders!

posted May 7, 2014, 9:29 AM by Kelly Powers   [ updated May 7, 2014, 9:39 AM ]
Tue, 19 Jan 2010
Calling All Southern California Parade Riders!

Hello Peruvian Paso Enthusiasts!

As you all know, we had a very successful pursuit of an entry in the 2010 Rose Parade. As Marshal of this group, I have been asked to put another team together to pursue the 2011 Parade. I have agreed to do it again if I can get a team of 14 plus riders. We had 13 this year.

This is a commitment! We have a few parades to ride in before the application is due in May. Participation with the team is a must as these are both practice sessions and good orientation for the horses. We also participate in the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse with a demo to music in May as well as the Equestfest, which is tied to the Rose Parade and is the same week as the Rose Parade. Both demos are at LAEC in front of huge audiences and loud music.

Our outfits are red as are most decorations for the horses. As this is a rather expensive process, we will likely use the same decorations as in 2009 with some minor changes. Certainly the red ponchos, which were a favorite with everyone including the Tournament of Roses committee!

If you are interested in joining this team and can make the time commitment, please let me know ASAP as we have our first parade coming up in Laguna Beach in March. Please consider the expense as well. The club picks up our insurance costs, but riders DO incur expenses for travel, stalls (twice) and so on. With donations, a raffle and silent auction we managed to gather $6,000, which was awesome. Thank you to all that supported our efforts. The second parade is at the San Juan Fiesta on March 20th.

This is a fun process! We truly had a fun year doing the parades, having pizza practice parties and performing with our horses. If you are interested in participating in the once-in-a-lifetime event, please send me an email to that affect. I must tell you that the tournament committee rejects 50% of their applications, so there are no guarantees that we will get in. However, I also believe that we were very well received this last year and that should certainly help. Committee members attend the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse and assess teams there as well.

Obviously, the main requirement for this commitment is your time of course, and your horse! I would certainly prefer that your horse has already demonstrated parade soundness. If you THINK your horse is, then the first couple of local parades will help us to better assess true readiness. I would be glad to discuss this with your personally. Parades are a challenge for the horses; it’s nothing like being in a show arena. Our first two parades are Laguna Beach which is a small, short parade but full of the usual parade obstacles and the San Juan parade, which is much bigger and offers more challenges with bigger crowds, lots of announcers and big noise.

Thanks much and look forward to hearing from you!

Danell Adams
First Vice President, Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club

(949) 436 2717